Authentic Thai Taste at Sawasdee!


At Sawasdee, we bet you can taste the difference.  Our ultimate mission is to give you the best Thai food experience at the best value in the North Raleigh neighborhood.  We never compromise on quality.  We do not use MSG.  We use the finest Thai Jasmine rice and the best quality ingredients we can buy. 


We use a variety of Thai herbs and ingredients to ensure the authentic tastes of each dish.  In our Tom Kha and Tom Yum soup, you can always find lemongrass, lime leaves and galangal root.  We have to plan to get sufficient supply of most Thai herbs before they become scarce and expensive in winter. 


We use Thai chili to add spice to your taste----  *Spicy/**Extra Spicy/***Make you cry.  We never substitute.   At Sawasdee, we use only the finest white meat chicken, large shrimps, beef sirloin and pork tenderloin.  You may be able to pay a slightly lower cost elsewhere.  But others cannot match our quality.  


Also, we place high priority on sanitary.  We make sure that the food we serve are not only tasty but also clean because we think that our valued customers deserve the quality of food we cook for our own family.


Let Sawasdee be your kitchen!